MOCK Magazine – Issue #1: Fall/Winter 2010

The independently-run, bi-annual, international fashion/art [online] magazine, MOCK Magazine, has launched a preview of Issue no.#1, which can be found on our “MOCK Magazine Fashion/Art Filter”:

The above image is our [unfinished] cover page–photography courtesy of German fashion photographer Thomas Sing–as well as our trademarked logo [the mockingbird].

The concept or inspiration behind our magazine’s title is the way our society or more so individuals mock fashion, mock beauty, mock other people and even mock culture.

MOCK Magazine’s definition of “mock” is not to ridicule or judge, but rather to mimic, imitate; to challenge and to defy the norms or perceptions of society. Our demographic or target audience would be fashion/art orientated, creative individuals that challenge/defy the norms by thinking and/or creating “out of the box.”  MOCK Magazine will be clean [as in layouts], professional, edgy, and the magazine will be more like an European-fashion magazine [think Purple Magazine or Vogue Paris].

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